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Pennine Nelaton Catheter 10CH
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Pennine Nelaton Catheter 10CH

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The Pennine Nelaton Catheter 10CH is a medical device designed for intermittent catheterization, allowing for temporary drainage of urine from the bladder. Key features include: - **Size**: 10 Charrière (CH) gauge, which is approximately 3.3 mm in diameter, suitable for pediatric or adult use based on clinical need. - **Material**: Made from medical-grade PVC, providing flexibility and comfort during insertion. - **Design**: Straight catheter with a rounded, closed tip and two lateral eyelets for efficient urine drainage. - **Sterile Packaging**: Individually packaged to maintain sterility and reduce the risk of infection. - **Single-Use**: Designed for single-use to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and ensure hygiene. - **Smooth Surface**: Polished surface for easy insertion and removal, minimizing patient discomfort. - **Application**: Used for patients with urinary retention, during diagnostic procedures, or postoperative needs. The Pennine Nelaton Catheter 10CH is essential for effective and safe urinary drainage, offering comfort and reliability in both clinical and home care settings.