Stethoscope MDF 747
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Stethoscope MDF 747

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The MDF 747 stethoscope is a premium medical device designed for superior auscultation. Key features include: - **Chestpiece**: Dual-head stainless steel chestpiece with a diaphragm for high-frequency sounds and a bell for low-frequency sounds, ensuring accurate diagnosis. - **Tubing**: Thick, latex-free PVC tubing provides excellent acoustic performance and reduces ambient noise. - **Comfort**: Soft silicone ear tips offer a comfortable fit and create an effective seal to minimize background noise. - **Adjustability**: Ergonomically angled stainless steel binaurals allow for a personalized fit. - **Durability**: Reinforced headset and yoke enhance durability and longevity. - **Warranty**: Backed by a lifetime warranty and free replacement parts for life. The MDF 747 stethoscope is ideal for healthcare professionals seeking reliable and precise auscultation tools for patient care.